The Open House Experience with William Weeks: Tips for Buyers

The Open House Experience with William Weeks: Tips for Buyers

  • William Weeks
  • 05/22/24

The open house is a technique that’s been long used for getting prospective buyers into a listed property. Perhaps you’ve attended one before, and been greeted by the real estate agent and given a tour and had your questions answered. Or maybe you’ve hosted one of your own, in hopes of attracting a buyer. These events, if carefully planned, can be a great tool in the home sale process. But if you’re planning on attending one in the future, there are some items that you might not be aware of that you should look for. Follow these pointers from experts in the industry, and you’ll come away from the open house more informed.

The appliances should be carefully inspected

One benefit about buying many of the homes on the market is that they come with appliances already installed. This will keep you from the expense of purchasing a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, and more. But just because they are in the home during the open house, doesn’t mean that they’ll stay with the sale.

Be sure to ask what appliances, if any, will be staying. This will help you plan your budget more accurately. A new set of kitchen appliances will easily reach thousands of dollars, and isn’t an expense that you’ll want to be surprised with.

If the appliances do stay with the sale, ask for the ages on each one. Older appliances might need to be replaced sooner than later, so it’s a great idea to know approximately how much life each one has left. Compare the age of each one to their life expectancy to help.

Another open house tip for buyers when it comes to appliances is to ask if there are any known issues with any of the units. Does the refrigerator cool effectively? Does the dishwasher leak? Are all the burners on the cooktop functional?

Consider the size of every room

It can be difficult to accurately know whether or not your furniture will fit into certain rooms until you’ve made the attempt to arrange your items in your new home. When visiting an open house, it’s important to examine each room, and get exact measurements.

If the rooms in your current home work with your furniture, carefully measure the dimensions and make note of them before you attend any open house. Perform the same measurements on the homes on your tour, and compare them to your own. Is the living room smaller? Are the bedrooms similar? No matter what the differences are, you’ll want to know ahead of time. This will keep you from buying a home that won’t accommodate your existing furniture, and perhaps causing you to make last minute replacements.

Don’t be distracted by fancy home staging

A professional home stager will often be brought in to arrange the furnishings and decor in a home that’s been recently listed for sale. But don’t let these staging tricks take your mind off of items that you need to be aware of.

An important open house tip for buyers is to look beyond what has been staged. Are the furnishings and decor obscuring any cosmetic or structural issues, or otherwise distracting you from them? Use careful scrutiny, and don’t be afraid to ask questions or express any concerns from what you notice.

A good home stager will arrange items to make the home appear appealing, but neutral. This helps any potential buyer see themselves in the home, rather than be distracted by the current owner’s personalization of it. But staging can sometimes be used to make smaller rooms seem bigger, darker rooms seem more lit, and other items that you should be on the lookout for.

Keep the amount of storage space you’ll need in mind

If you are trying to move into a bigger place, you’ll most likely want one that allows for more storage. As we age, we tend to accumulate more and more possessions, often resulting in more things than we have room for. Storage space comes in really handy in these instances, as they provide spots for us to keep seasonal items, holiday decor, and more out of the way until they are needed.

Storage is about more than closet space. Attics, dry basements, garages, and outbuildings are the perfect spots to keep belongings that aren’t regularly used. Compare the dimensions of your current home’s storage areas, as well as the number of them. Having an exact amount of available storage space in terms of square footage helps tremendously, as you will have a hard figure to compare it to when you are touring an open house.

Carefully look over any outbuildings

One open house tip for buyers that often gets forgotten is the inspection of any outbuildings. Whether you’re looking at a house that has a storage shed or a detached garage, you’ll want to make certain that these overlooked spots are in good order.

Just like you will want the roof on the main home to keep the interior dry, the same can be said for the outbuildings. Many buildings have electricity, which should be inspected to be sure that it is safe and in working order.

Are the doors in good shape? The windows sealed tightly? How old are the buildings on the property? Be sure to ask the agent these questions, so you’ll have a fuller picture of what the property has to offer.

Your next moves

The decision to buy or sell a home isn’t one that should be taken without a lot of careful consideration. If you are contemplating either, a consultation with a real estate professional will help guide you in the right direction. An agent like William Weeks has years of experience with both buyers and sellers, and is sure to make your journey in the real estate world seamless and stress-free. William Weeks is committed to providing exceptional service and expert advice to help you achieve your real estate goals. Contact William Weeks today for all your Baltimore real estate needs.

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