Buying a Home in Frederick

Buying a Home in Frederick

  • William Weeks
  • 05/16/23

As more home buyers are looking to move out of bustling urban areas and into the less populated suburbs, many are setting their sights on the vibrant community of Frederick. This quaint neighborhood merges city living with suburban peace in a way that attracts many to the area. Frederick is a community with endless amenities, plentiful recreational opportunities, and a rich history. If you are interested in buying a home in Frederick, learn more about what makes this community one of the best to live in Maryland and how you can make your home-buying journey successful.

Why should you buy a house in Frederick?

Frederick is a small city located northwest of Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. Home to about 80,000 residents, this community boasts the life and vibrance one might find in the city alongside quiet, suburban streets. With an endless list of amenities, lush outdoor spaces, and the ideal location, it comes as no surprise to visitors why so many are looking to call Frederick home.

Ideally located for commuting

Whether you are driving to work or just want to spend a day walking the streets of a bustling metropolis, Frederick puts you in the ideal location. The community is located just 50 minutes northwest of Baltimore and an hour from Washington, D.C. This allows residents to drive into the city to access some of the best amenities in Maryland and easily return home in the evening. For those with an interest in national history, Frederick is only 40 minutes south of Gettysburg.

Stunning outdoor spaces

Many move to the suburbs so they can reconnect with nature without losing touch with civilization. Frederick offers the perfect blend of downtown charm and vast natural spaces for residents to explore. The community offers ample places to enjoy hours of outdoor recreation. Frederick has numerous sprawling park spaces in town where locals can hike, pass a frisbee around, or spread out on the lawn. Just minutes away are large state forests with miles of untouched woodland to hike through.

Bustling downtown

Moving to Frederick does not mean leaving the bustle of the city behind completely. In Frederick, the suburbs are so much more than just quiet, winding streets and white picket fences. Downtown Frederick brings life and energy to the community and is home to an extensive array of things to do. Museums, local shopping boutiques, restaurants, and coffee shops give Frederick its distinct charm. Annual community events and live music provide locals with something to look forward to throughout the year.

Top three neighborhoods in Frederick

Fredrick features an assorted selection of places to call home. The area has neighborhoods ranging from its bustling city environments to spacious suburban communities. Potential home buyers looking at houses for sale have a number of distinct locales to choose from.

Downtown Frederick

When many think of Frederick, they picture the city’s vibrant downtown. Downtown Frederick boasts a life and energy that makes the community special. Even those living in the far reaches of the city will often find themselves perusing one-of-a-kind specialty shops or having a bite to eat at a local eatery in downtown Frederick. Homebuyers looking to live among the excitement of the city with small-town charm often settle in Frederick’s breathtaking downtown.

Spring Ridge

Spring Ridge is a stunning community located just minutes from downtown Frederick. The neighborhood contains 1,432 homes and offers a range of exquisite townhouses and beautiful single-family homes. Residents of Spring Ridge get access to a list of amenities that include pools, tennis courts, playing fields, basketball courts, playgrounds, and over 20 miles of walking paths.


Located at the northwest limits of the city, Whitter serves as a quiet suburban oasis for those looking to recharge. This master-planned community offers exclusive living and a beautiful selection of colonial-style real estate. The neighborhood offers quiet, winding streets that are inviting for walking and biking. Lake Whittier is located in the community, giving residents a lush green space to relax by the water.

Determining housing costs

Frederick is a highly sought-after Maryland community making it a competitive real estate market. Home buyers looking to purchase in Frederick have to be ready to move fast. Learning more about what you can expect to pay can help you be prepared to act quickly.

Median house price

Home prices in Frederick have been steadily climbing over the past three years. Today, the average home price is $465,020 in Frederick County. Home buyers can expect prices to continue to climb as more individuals set their sights on the Frederick area.

Closing costs

Closing costs are the expenses incurred during the final steps in purchasing a home. To some home buyers, these expenses can come as a surprise as they can quickly add up. In Maryland, the average homebuyer will pay $3,476 in closing costs. Maryland has some of the most expensive closing costs in the country, so homebuyers will have to figure them into the price of the home when looking.

Money-saving tips for buying a house

Buying a home in Fredrick is a substantial investment. Especially in a hot housing market, homebuyers have to be ready to act quickly and pay more if they have to secure their dream property. Even though buying a house is expensive, there are still things those looking to move can do beforehand to help lower costs.

Consider a bigger down payment to keep monthly payments down

Most homebuyers will purchase their home using a mortgage. This means having to pay in monthly installments for decades for many. While most real estate professionals will advise putting 20% down on a home, saving up a little extra can help lower monthly mortgage payments. Try to save as much as possible for a down payment so you can decrease the amount taken out in a loan.

Increase your credit score

Nationally, interest rates have been on the rise, making it more important than ever to try to secure the lowest rate possible. Spending some time to increase your credit score before applying for a loan can help show the bank that you are responsible with finances, which can mean getting a lower interest rate and saving a substantial amount over the life of the loan.

Work with a real estate agent

Those that are serious about saving money should hire an experienced realtor that knows the Frederick area. Real estate agents have the expertise to masterfully guide you through the home-buying process, ensuring everything goes smoothly. A realtor can help you save time and money while buying a house by connecting you with the right home, advising you through negotiations, and handling closing paperwork.

The bottom line on buying a house in Frederick

If you are ready to buy your dream piece of Frederick real estate, get in touch with local real estate agent William Weeks. For years he has been expertly serving the Frederick area. Do not hesitate to reach out today to get started talking about buying your next home.

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